(Last updated: February 2019)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Matthew E.  Oliver (forthcoming) “Pricing flexibility under rate-of-return regulation: Effects on network infrastructure investment.”  Economic Modelling (accepted Sept. 2018). Link [Earlier version available as: “Price Regulation and Pipeline Transmission Capacity.” USAEE Working Paper No. 17-295. Link]

Matthew E. Oliver & Charles F. Mason (2018). "Natural Gas Pipeline Regulation in the United States: Past, Present, and Future."  Foundations & Trends in Microeconomics 11(4): 227-288. Link

Eren Cifci & Matthew E. Oliver (2018). "Reassessing the Links Between Economic Growth, GHG Emissions, and the UNFCCC: A Difference-in-Differences Approach." Sustainability 10(2): 334. Link

Byung-Cheol Kim & Matthew E. Oliver (2017). “Taming Drillers through Legislative Action: Evidence from Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Industry.”  Resource & Energy Economics 50: 15-35. Link

Matthew E. Oliver (2015). “Economies of Scale and Scope in Expansion of the U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Network.” Energy Economics 52 (Part B), pp. 265-276. Link

Matthew E. Oliver & Jason F. Shogren (2015). “Common Agency, Contests, and Corruption: Why the Green Candidate Seldom Wins.” Strategic Behavior and the Environment 5(2), pp. 87-109. Link

Matthew E. Oliver, Charles F. Mason, & David Finnoff (2014). “Pipeline Congestion and Basis Differentials.” Journal of Regulatory Economics 46(3), pp. 261-291. Link

Matthew E. Oliver (2014). “Linking Zebra Mussel Invasion and Interstate Waterborne Commerce in the U.S.A.”  Water Policy 16(3), pp. 536-556. Link

Aaron Strong & Matthew E. Oliver (2014). “General Equilibrium Ecosystem Modeling with Alternative Preference Specifications.” Natural Resource Modeling 27(2), pp. 197-215Link

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Matthew E. Oliver & Charles F. Mason (2017). “An Overview of Interstate Gas Pipeline Regulation in the United States.” Ch. 4 in Progress in Economics Research, Vol. 39.  A. Tavidze (Ed.), Nova Science Publishers.

Matthew E. Oliver, Jamison Pike, Shanshan Huang, & Jason F. Shogren (2014). “Climate policy coordination through institutional design: An experimental examination.” Ch. 8, pp. 108-127, in Toward a New Climate Agreement: Conflict, Resolution, and Governance, edited by Todd L. Cherry, John Hovi, and David McEvoy. Routledge Books, London.

Other Publications

Erik Paul Johnson & Matthew E. Oliver (2016). “Renewable Energy and Wholesale Electricity Price Variability.” IAEE Energy Forum (1st Quarter 2016), pp. 25-26.

Matthew E. Oliver, Charles F. Mason, & David Finnoff (2014). “Natural gas expansion and the cost of congestion.” IAEE Energy Forum (1st Quarter 2014), pp. 31-32.

Working Papers

Erik Paul Johnson & Matthew E. Oliver. “Renewable Generation Capacity and Wholesale Electricity Price Risk.” (under review at The Energy Journal, resubmitted Feb. 2019)

Sean H. Toroghi & Matthew E. Oliver (2018). "Framework for Assessment of the Rebound Effect for Residential Photovoltaic Systems."  (under review at Applied Energy, submitted Feb. 2019)

Chris J. Kennedy,  Shana McDermott, & Matthew E. Oliver (2018) “Declining discount rates, investment-based mitigation, and climate policy.” (under review at Ecological Economics, submitted Jan. 2019)

Matthew E. Oliver & Gregory B. Upton, Jr. (2018). “Fossil fuel endowments, convergence, and corruption” (complete draft available)

Ongoing Research Projects

Matthew E. Oliver (2018). "The Solar Rebound, Household Income, and Subsidization of Residential Photovoltaic Systems" (draft in progress)

Matthew E. Oliver & Kirti Prabhakar (2018) Environmental certification under ISO 14001: Impacts on firm productivity. (draft in progress)