(Last updated: May 2019)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Shahaboddin H. Toroghi & Matthew E. Oliver (forthcoming). "Framework for Assessment of the Direct Rebound Effect for Residential Photovoltaic Systems."  Applied Energy, accepted May 2019.

Erik Paul Johnson & Matthew E. Oliver (forthcoming). “Renewable Generation Capacity and Wholesale Electricity Price Variance.” The Energy Journal, accepted Apr. 2019.

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Chapters in Edited Volumes

Matthew E. Oliver & Charles F. Mason (2017). “An Overview of Interstate Gas Pipeline Regulation in the United States.” Ch. 4 in Progress in Economics Research, Vol. 39.  A. Tavidze (Ed.), Nova Science Publishers.

Matthew E. Oliver, Jamison Pike, Shanshan Huang, & Jason F. Shogren (2014). “Climate policy coordination through institutional design: An experimental examination.” Ch. 8, pp. 108-127, in Toward a New Climate Agreement: Conflict, Resolution, and Governance, edited by Todd L. Cherry, John Hovi, and David McEvoy. Routledge Books, London.

Other Publications

Erik Paul Johnson & Matthew E. Oliver (2016). “Renewable Energy and Wholesale Electricity Price Variability.” IAEE Energy Forum (1st Quarter 2016), pp. 25-26.

Matthew E. Oliver, Charles F. Mason, & David Finnoff (2014). “Natural gas expansion and the cost of congestion.” IAEE Energy Forum (1st Quarter 2014), pp. 31-32.

Working Papers

Chris J. Kennedy,  Shana McDermott, & Matthew E. Oliver (2019) “Declining discount rates, investment-based mitigation, and climate policy.” (under review at Ecological Economics, revisions requested Apr. 2019)

Matthew E. Oliver, Juan Moreno-Cruz, & Ross C. Beppler (2019). “Microeconomics of the rebound effect for residential solar photovoltaic systems.” (under review at Resource & Energy Economics, submitted May 2019)

Matthew E. Oliver & Gregory B. Upton, Jr. (2019). “Fossil fuel endowments, convergence, and corruption.” (complete draft available)